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Kimberly Caprini for MPS At Large School Board

It is with great excitement that I share I have decided to run for an at large positon on the Minneapolis school board. I am so excited to continue being a champion for our students, families, and staff in our Minneapolis school district.

As a lifelong resident of North Minneapolis, I remember what it was like to have a true sense of community in our schools and neighborhoods. After my children started to attend schools on the Northside, I became a very active parent. As a result, I have done a lot of listening and learning. Now, it’s time to lead.

We are at a defining moment in education, where deficits will result in tough decisions, where our students deserve the best academic experience possible, where the measure by which we measure academic growth, matters and where conversations about equity and cultural competency will change our trajectory. It is in moments like this where I am prepared to lead.

As a leader in Northside schools for over 12 years and a member of the district’s World’s Best Workforce 2020 Advisory Committee, I am ready to represent all students and families districtwide. I strongly believe in public education and am ready to make Minneapolis Public Schools even stronger.

I have never been more excited to take on the role of working for our students, families, and staff. I hope you will join me and my family on this journey. After the new year, I look forward to meeting with families across Minneapolis and discussing how we can make the academic experience for our students even better. If you haven’t already, please like my official page ‘Kimberly Caprini for MPS At Large School Board’ for official updates and to stay connected to my campaign.

“We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have the courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends”
Mary McLeod Bethune

Who is Kimberly Caprini?

caprini familyI am running for school board to be a champion for every student and every family in our Northside schools. I grew up in North Minneapolis and remember what it was like to have a true sense of community with schools and your neighborhood.


After my children started to attend schools on the Northside, I became active on the Jenny Lind Elementary, Olson Middle School, Northeast Middle School, Loring Community School, Harrison High School, Family Community Involvement Committee, Northside Schools Collective as well several MPS district site councils and committees.

The most urgent issue facing the district in this area is trust and the need for extra support for students with the greatest needs. My mission is to rebuild parent trust in Minneapolis Public Schools. I will work  to provide parents and community members with opportunities to be heard. I encourage parents to become involved in  their schools through parent groups and by attending events to cultivate the relationships with those who come into contact with our kids. As District 2 School Board representative, this will be a large part of my work; to build those important relationships while growing trust in the district.

-I have attended many District 2 Area A meetings over the years and I have found that many parents want to be heard. Parents show up to talk about their experiences and I believe expect results when they make the time to be a part of meetings that don’t always happen where and when it is convenient due to the time conflicting with pick ups and drop offs of their children that attend different schools. My goal is to meet parents where there are.


-My work as a district 2 school board member will also include speaking to the need of neighborhood organizations getting more involved in the schools in their attendance area. Many neighborhood associations have been involved in schools and I do recognize their participation and fundraising activities. So much more can be done through this work that cost nothing. I’d like to see neighborhood associations create an education committee which would announce events that are happening at their schools and encourage neighborhood residents to show up at school events.

-Our feeder schools in North Mpls are a place for many residents to meet at events and share in opportunities that feed our health, mind and body but as a district 2 school board member, it would be one of my missions to encourage more outreach to residents to become that community partner through their Neighborhood associations. This empowered group would speak to and support families in choosing schools in their neighborhoods. Homeowners and renters both need to be heard and recognized as community parents.

-Public Education is under attack. North Minneapolis public schools need a representative that not only understands its challenges but lives its challenges.

-The education of our children has always been first on our list. Receiving a strong rigorous public school education has been my mission since my girls were very young. I’m proud of the schools they attend and know that their success in school is because of the work they put in as well as their teachers’ efforts and skills.

  • Loring Community Council (LCC) 2006-2013
  • Camden Business Association 2010-2012
  • Family & Community Council (Loring School) 2012-2014
  • Equity Task Force Loring School 2014-15
  • Northeast Middle School Family Involvement Group 2010-2012
  • Interviewing Committee for Principal North East Middle School 2013
  • Interviewing Committee for Principal Henry High School 2014
  • Co/Founder of Northside Schools Collective 2013- Present
  • Site Council/Shared Leadership Team or PTO/PTA
  • Jenny Lind Elementary 2013-2014/ 2015- Present
  • Olson and Northeast Middle 2012-2014
  • Harrison Educational Center 2015-Present
  • Patrick Henry High School 2013-Present
  • District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) 2013-Present
  • Area A Co-Chair 2013-2015
  • Teaching and Learning Parent Advisory Committee 2011-2012
  • High School Action Team MPS 2013-2014
  • Cleveland Neighborhood Board Director 2nd Term
  • Safe Schools MPS event 2016 Parent Panelist
  • Coalition for Increasing Teachers of Color in MN Event Parent Panelist 2015
  • Interviewing Committee for Principal at Harrison Education Center 2016
  • Loring Peace Parade March 2010-2015
  • Art Adventure/Loring School 2005-2015
  • School Carnival/Loring School 2007-2013
  • Interviewing Committee NEMS Principal 2014
  • Pancake Breakfast/Loring School 2012 & 2014
  • Camden Farmers Market Food Demo- 2014
  • Northeast Middle School Family Involvement Group International Night of Sharing 2010-2011
  • 100 Strong Who Care at Bethune Elementary School 2014
  • Interviewing Committee for Principal at PHHS 2014
  • Lucy Laney Elementary School Playground Build 2014
  • 100 Strong Who Care at Harrison Educational Center 2015
  • Patrick Henry High School Family Involvement Group 2014- Present
  • Teacher Appreciation Celebration for PHHS teachers 2016
  • PHFIG Parent Affair Event an evening to socialize with families 2015
  • Parent Affair Event an evening to socialize with food and music (Lowry Café Northside) 2015
  • East African Graduation at the Davis Center 2016
  • Asian American Graduation at the Davis Center 2016
  • Northeast Parade 2016
  • Interviewing Committee Harrison Education Center Principal 2016


Kim Caprini is an experienced and passionate candidate for the Minneapolis School Board. As a long-time parent activist, Caprini knows what it will mean to do the work of being a school board member. Of all candidates, Caprini has attended committee meetings of the board; I first met her at a Teaching and Learning district committee over 5 years ag. Caprini is current on discussions about the budget, about facilities, about athletics and district leadership. And, most importantly, Caprini knows and loves north side schools – her girls attend north side schools, she volunteers everywhere from Franklin to Harrison. Kim Caprini listens, learns and acts. We need parents who are long-term north side residents to best engage the whole board in sustaining and growing north side schools. Kim Caprini walks the talk; let’s put her energy and experience to work for north side kids – Vote Caprini for School Board.

Carla Bates

Board Director, MPS

Having known Kimberly for over two decades, including having been her employer, I celebrate her integrity and humanitarian efforts. I believe there could be no finer candidate for this position and she will no doubt bring her heart, soul and discretion to the table in handling the tough challenges, which we face in today’s educational climate.

Scott Edwin Givot

International Culinary Tourism Association

I am supporting Kimberly Caprini for District 2 Minneapolis Public Schools Board Member because she is family. I taught with her mother, a fellow Minneapolis Public Schools teacher over thirty years ago and later worked for decades with her sister, a social worker, and still another sister who coached basketball—all Minneapolis Public Schools staff. Kimberly was born and raised in a large, loving, North Side family.

I first met Kimberly several years ago in her role as a member for the Camden Business Association. At the time I was working to develop and extend relationships of Henry High School into the business community. Kimberly was especially helpful in that outreach effort. When she enrolled her oldest child at Henry, Kimberly immediately became involved in school activities including Site Council. As a new parent to Henry, Kimberly founded a dynamic parent involvement organization. Kimberly was a consistent spectator at her daughter’s school activities and soon attended nearly all Henry activities, even those that her daughter was not a member. Kimberly sees all Henry students, and all North Side students as her children and is a tireless supporter of their accomplishments.

Though I am not a blood relative of Kimberly, I do feel that I am related to her by a common love of the children and the Minneapolis Public Schools that they attend on the North Side. Kimberly has a passion for making those schools great, like the children and families that they serve, and deserve. After all these years of service, Kimberly is the rare public servant who can harness righteous anger with humility, and lifelong relationships to get the job done for families on the North Side. As a small businesswoman Kimberly can bring the Minneapolis Public Schools a much needed customer service philosophy along with the moxie to help the Board of Education work with a bottom line budget that makes the best of financial resources.

On Tuesday, November 8, please vote Kimberly Caprini for District 2 of the Minneapolis Public Schools Board of Education. Thank you for your time and support.

Tom Murray

Retired MPS Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools

It is my pleasure to endorse Kimberly Caprini for the District 2 (North Minneapolis) seat on the Minneapolis School Board.  I have watched Kimberly grow in her leadership capacity over the past several years.

First, as a parent involved in her children’s education; and, as she gradually became an advocate for all kids.  She has spent several years volunteering in various capacities in the district.  She serves on school committees, site councils and district parent advisories.  She is ever present at events to engage the community to hear and talk about what concerns or issues they have.   She passionately advocates for our schools, students and families. By regularly attending board meetings and their committee meetings, she stays aware of what’s coming down the pipeline.

As a result, she has not only listened enough to learn, she now is ready to lead.  She advocates for the voices of students and parents to be heard.  She understands the process that drives the schools and the system.  She is very informed about District 2 schools, their resources and needs.   She doesn’t claim to know how to fix everything but, being solution oriented, is willing to learn.

If you’re looking for a warrior that will stand up and fight for District 2, I highly recommend Kimberly Caprini.   She is passionate and driven.   She has no hidden agenda and is here to promote interests that serve our students.

Lynne Crockett

Parent Advocate

Kim is deeply rooted in her community and its schools. She advocates not only for her own children, but all children on the North Side. Her knowledge of the issues and her commitment to quality schools would make her an excellent school board member.

Pam Costain

Former President, AchieveMpls

It is my sincere pleasure to write a letter of support for Kimberly Caprini for District 2 School Board. I have known Kimberly for over 6 years, and until I recently moved out of state for family reasons, I also lived in North Minneapolis and worked as a teacher, education administrator, and associate executive director at PYC (on Penn and Broadway) for nearly 20 years. During this time, I have had the honor of working with some very dedicated people–people who care deeply about North Minneapolis and the students who attend MPS schools there. None, however, are more passionate and knowledgeable than Kimberly.

Kimberly is a powerful advocate for Northside public schools–all Northside public schools! I had the pleasure of working with Kimberly when a group of fellow family members and local educators founded the Northside Schools Collective, and believe me, she is by far the most dedicated and perseverant advocate I know. She played a key role in unifying parents and families at ALL schools and in ALL grades.

From Harrison to Olson and EVERY SINGLE Northside school on the map in between, Kimberly has been an active presence, working side-by-side WITH FAMILIES each and every day. Here are just a few examples of her work: she has re-opened abandoned gym pools; she has fought for and secured middle school IB programming (previously this did not exist for Northside students); she has improved building safety; and she has advocated for and guaranteed the rights and dignity of students who receive special education services.

Equally as important, as a business owner, Kimberly Caprini has a thorough knowledge of budgeting, human resources, and business contracts. And, from her years of committee and advisory council work with MPS, she has not only has vast experience with board policies and procedures, she also has a historical knowledge of the MPS School Board that is guaranteed to be invaluable as MPS weathers changes in both leadership and practice.

No other candidate possesses this breadth or knowledge and experience, and no other candidate is as uniquely qualified to be a collaborative, solution-based member of the school board as Kimberly Caprini. I wholeheartedly support her candidacy and know it will be an asset to thrbstudents, families, and educators in North Minneapolis–and all of Minneapolis–whom I still care so deeply about.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading this letter of support.

Kathleen Butts

Former Associate Executive Director, PYC

During the five years I spent as a Northside resident, my family and I were blessed to have Kimberly Caprini and her wonderful family as neighbors. From my first encounter with Kimberly I could tell that she was civic-minded and had a vested interest in bettering her community. This passion was most evident in how engaged she was in her her daughters’ education as a volunteer and advocate. I could always count on Kim to be up to date and informed on our neighborhood and her daughters’ then school, Loring Elementary. In my five short years as a Northsider I watched her volunteer on committees, host block parties, assist in open houses, and serve the district in many ways. It has been a pleasure to watch her advocacy grow from afar, along with her two intelligent, hard working, and equally as community-minded daughters.

Now I am a Stillwater ISD 834 resident, and with recent proposed school closures I found my daughter’s school and our district in a state of uncertainty and turmoil within two short years of moving. Kim was the first person I thought to call, given the depth of her knowledge and experience working behind the scenes in public education, so that I could make sense of the issues. Despite the fact that we are no longer neighbors and hadn’t seen each other in quite a long time, Kim responded quickly and helped educate and empower me. This is a small but poignant example of Kim’s generous spirit and commitment to public service. She truly has no hidden agenda, but steps up to the plate because she is passionate about our educational system and fighting for what is right.

MPS District 2 is very fortunate to have Kimberly Caprini as a school board candidate. If elected, I have no doubt she will do everything in her power to fiercely advocate for students and their families.

Allison Cunningham

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga and Barre Instructor

I have worked with Kimberly for quite some time to help advance the tremendous issues our City Kids are faced with – I know her to be “as good as her word” – a creative thinker and someone who will “get it done”. She is her own person and answers only to the needs facing those students most in need of a good, solid, reliable school system that works well – I believe that Kimberly will be “just what is needed” on the Minneapolis School Board!
You can help make this happen by contributing to her campaign to serve on the Minneapolis Board of Education. You’ll be glad you did! Kimberly is dedicated to serving all of our City Kids, but particularly those in greatest need of learning – for all the right reasons. Thank you in advance, for stepping up and contributing. Please do it right away so it “doesn’t get away from you” – the need is great and she needs it now!

Ruth Usem

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga and Barre Instructor

Dear Kimberly,

I was so excited to learn that you are running to serve on the Board of Directors for the Minneapolis Public Schools. Although I no longer serve as the Director of the District’s Office of Equity & Diversity nor live in Minneapolis, my heart is still there because like you, I am deeply committed to ensuring that all children receive a quality education.

When I worked for the District, I witnessed your passionate commitment to students, as well as your consistent advocacy on their behalf. I appreciated your willingness to always show up to support kids, even during a snow storm. I remember the first Equity & Diversity event that you supported. You showed up at Bethune Elementary for a 100 Strong Who Care event to talk to students about your career path. I was amazed that you showed up that morning, not just because we got a couple of feet of snow that morning, but also because you had just learned about the event the night before, when we met at district meeting. I was so glad that the snow did not deter you from keeping your commitment to show up and show your support for the students at Bethune. That same commitment is what will drive you to continue to show up for our kids by making sure decisions are made that are in their best interests.

I am grateful that after our first meeting, you became a regular 100 Strong Who Care volunteer that showed up at numerous events throughout the year. I will never forget you sharing your very personal story when we held our last 100 Strong at Harrison Educational Center. I was extremely moved by your story, and I appreciate you being vulnerable and transparent enough to share your story with the group that day. We need people in leadership who are transparent, leaders who care, leaders with compassion and empathy, and leaders who truly understand the needs and concerns of the community. You have shown great leadership, transparency, strength, courage, commitment and service over the year, and I know you will continue to do so as a Board Member.

During my tenure at the Minneapolis Public Schools, I was fortunate to see your advocacy on the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) and the Loring parent group. You were not only concerned about your kids but all the kids in the Minneapolis Public Schools. You are not afraid to ask the tough questions and to hold everyone accountable. Although I am no longer at the District, I am thankful that we had the opportunity to work together, and I am grateful for your continued service to the District.

I wish you the best of luck in your campaign. I know that if given the opportunity, you will make sure the voice of students, parents and the community are heard.

Lawrencina Mason Oramalu

Former Director of the Office of Equity & Diversity, MPS

I am writing to voice my support of Kim Caprini as a candidate for MPS District 2 School Board Director for North Minneapolis. I have been a proud Northsider since 2003, and currently have my two children enrolled in the Minneapolis Public School system. My youngest child will be my second child to go through elementary school at the Loring Community School and my oldest is a sixth-grader at Olson Middle School. Over the last three years I have gotten to know Ms. Caprini as a fellow Loring parent and I quickly learned to appreciate her breadth of knowledge about the Minneapolis school system and the principals of education and community involvement (and how successful they can be when married together). She has been an invaluable guide to navigating the important world of public school education. As my family approached decisions about middle school, we were not thrilled with the choices. Our best bet seemed to be in Northeast Minneapolis instead of anywhere in our actual city district. Eventually we decided to stay in the North Minneapolis system (instead of Crystal or Robbinsdale) and go to Olson Middle School because of their newer focus on AVID and the large group of Loring students continuing on this year. But the main reason we gave it a chance is because of the strong parent involvement that is also continuing on from Loring, Specifically including Ms. Caprini. Knowing that she has a child at the same school is a nice reassurance that there will always be someone to share concerns with and actually find useful paths to solutions.

I know Ms. Caprini to be a well-researched, intelligent and thoughtful advocate for education and I look forward to her bringing that same package of talents and passion to help other North Minneapolis children and families have the best schools we can have.

Rich Fleischman

Northside Parent

My mom, Kimberly Caprini would be a great advocate and a great school board member.

During my school years she has volunteered on every site council she could make time for to make sure that not just I, but all students were getting the best education.

When Patrick Henry high school had a fire in the science classroom, She made sure the district officials came to my school to see the damage that was done and other areas, like the electrical problems, that needed to be fixed at Henry.

She has spent countless hours on district parent advisory councils, school site councils, and attended parent teacher support meetings to make sure students are getting the support they need both in school and at home.

If I had the opportunity to vote I would vote for my mom, Kimberly Caprini, because of all the work she has done to make the education for our future leaders better.

Sofia Caprini

Henry High School Student

My mom, Kimberly Caprini would be perfect for the school board because she has advocated for my sister and my education since we started school.

My mom has always advocated for the right thing and she knows what is right. My mom has a big heart and will get through any challenge that comes her way. When it comes to education, my mom will help any kid that struggles with learning.

This is my letter of recommendation for my mom: Kimberly Caprini for school board!

Kaya Caprini

Olson Middle School Student