My Priorities

-Advocate to increase Special Education funding at the State Capital.

-Advocate for increases to the state’s basic per-pupil funding formula to reflect inflation

-Hire more Social Workers, Counselors, Psychologists and Family therapists.

-Support efforts for Ethnic Studies to be a graduation requirement and or implemented in general education for all students and modified for middle and elementary grades

-Community Engagement done authentically and more meaningful through Board Involvement with students, families and communities

-More people of color in administrative leadership roles in departments that directly impact students (special education)

-Support for teachers with classroom management. Far to many of our schools are adjusting to larger class sizes and they shouldn’t have to. Relationship between our teachers their students and support staff suffers when the teacher to student ratio exceeds parents and school staff expectations. Loss of instruction and relationships building is lost.

-Better vetting of community partners and regular evaluations, showing their progress.

-Sharing events and success stories at all school

-Allowing the Superintendent the space to lead and hold him accountable for his work.

Just a Few of My Accomplishments…

-One of many parents that fought to keep Loring Elementary open.

-Advocated for access to swimming on the Northside after losing many young lives due to drownings in city lakes. Olson Pool is now open to the public and I’m still advocating for swimming lessons for the students at all our schools

-Advocated and supported the need for having Olson Middle school become an IB School (International Baccalaureate School) because Olson Middle School is a pathway into Henry High School. Olson is currently going through the process of becoming an IB school.

-Advocated to reopen Franklyn Middle

-Fought to bring back Middle School Athletics

-Supported Lucy Laney when the school was lobbying for a co-teaching model for their school which they did receive and the school has seen success.

-Advocated for building and maintenance improvements in several schools across the district.