About Me

I am running for school board to be a champion for every student and every family in our Minneapolis Public Schools. I grew up in North Minneapolis and remember what it was like to have a true sense of community with schools and your neighborhood.

After my children started to attend schools on the Northside, I became active on the Jenny Lind Elementary, Olson Middle School, Northeast Middle School, Loring Community School, Harrison High School, Family Community Involvement Committee, Northside Schools Collective as well several MPS district site councils and committees.

The most urgent issue facing the district is trust and the need for extra support for students with the greatest needs. My mission is to rebuild parent trust in Minneapolis Public Schools. I will work  to provide parents and community members with opportunities to be heard. I encourage parents to become involved in  their schools through parent groups and by attending events to cultivate the relationships with those who come into contact with our kids. As an At-Large School Board representative, this will be a large part of my work; to build those important relationships while growing trust in the district.

The Issues

I have attended many MPS Parent meetings over the years and I have found that many parents want to be heard. Parents show up to talk about their experiences and I believe expect results when they make the time to be a part of meetings that don’t always happen where and when it is convenient due to the time conflicting with pick ups and drop offs of their children that attend different schools. My goal is to meet parents where they are.

Budget cuts have created huge problems for most public schools in recent years. Less funding means smaller staffs, fewer resources and a lower number of services for students.

School Climate/ Bullying is not a new problem, but it is one that has a profound impact on the learning aptitude of many students today. Technology has given bullies even more opportunities to affect their victims – through social networking, texting and other virtual interactions. School climate has become a distraction for some schools and I have worked with students, parents, site council and school leaders to come up with meaningful ways to ensure that all students feel welcome and safe in school. This is a work in constant progress and I will continue to support solutions that work for our schools.

Schools are facing a continuous loss of extracurricular activities. For years our schools have had to whittle away at the arts, music and athletics to the point where many schools can no longer afford to offer these incredible needed opportunities. In my work over the last several years I have actively worked with schools to create connections with community organizations to bring these experiences to our students.

For several years I have committed myself to site council and district committee work to find solutions to all the issues – for the benefit of all students attending MPS.

Engagement In Our Schools

  • Loring Community Council (LCC) 2006-2013
  • Camden Business Association 2010-2012
  • Family & Community Council (Loring School) 2012-2014
  • Equity Task Force Loring School 2014-15
  • Northeast Middle School Family Involvement Group 2010-2012
  • Interviewing Committee for Principal North East Middle School 2013
  • Interviewing Committee for Principal Henry High School 2014
  • Co/Founder of Northside Schools Collective 2013- Present
  • Site Council/Shared Leadership Team or PTO/PTA
  • Jenny Lind Elementary 2013-2014/ 2015- Present
  • Olson and Northeast Middle 2012-2014
  • Harrison Educational Center 2015-Present
  • Patrick Henry High School 2013-Present
  • District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) 2013-Present
  • Area A Co-Chair 2013-2015
  • Teaching and Learning Parent Advisory Committee 2011-2012
  • High School Action Team MPS 2013-2014
  • Cleveland Neighborhood Board Director 2nd Term
  • Safe Schools MPS event 2016 Parent Panelist
  • Coalition for Increasing Teachers of Color in MN Event Parent Panelist 2015
  • Interviewing Committee for Principal at Harrison Education Center 2016
  • Interviewing Committee Harrison Education Center Principal 2016

Celebrating our Schools & Community

  • Loring Peace Parade March 2010-2015
  • Art Adventure/Loring School 2005-2015
  • School Carnival/Loring School 2007-2013
  • Interviewing Committee NEMS Principal 2014
  • Pancake Breakfast/Loring School 2012 & 2014
  • Camden Farmers Market Food Demo- 2014
  • Northeast Middle School Family Involvement Group International Night of Sharing 2010-2011
  • 100 Strong Who Care at Bethune Elementary School 2014
  • Lucy Laney Elementary School Playground Build 2014
  • 100 Strong Who Care at Harrison Educational Center 2015
  • Patrick Henry High School Family Involvement Group 2014- Present
  • Teacher Appreciation Celebration for PHHS teachers 2016
  • PHFIG Parent Affair Event an evening to socialize with families 2015
  • Parent Affair Event an evening to socialize with food and music (Lowry Café Northside) 2015
  • East African Graduation at the Davis Center 2016
  • Asian American Graduation at the Davis Center 2016
  • Northeast Parade 2016